Your chance to play bridge in the centre of Munich, on the banks of the Isar

In Munich there is a number of bridge clubs, more so than in any other German city. The München-Lehel club is located in a small and pleasing part of town, Lehel, which is extremely quiet in spite of its central location. Particularly for those bridge players living in or visiting Munich who are not (yet) fluent in German our club has the following advantages:

Other advantages:

In many important areas of modern life – business, science, art, journalism and publishing – Munich has a highly international profile. This is a reason why we at the bridge club in Munich-Lehel see it as one of our tasks – but also a genuine pleasure – to welcome visitors to Munich and guests who don't like to miss bridge when on holiday or away from home on business. If you come along to spend one or more evenings to play with us we can assure you of a warm welcome!

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